President - Pat Ricia Leenerts

Greyhound Adoption Louisville KY

Pat Ricia Leenerts, President. Pat and her husband Bill were first introduced to greyhounds in 1982 when they found one in Fort Worth, TX. Unable to find her owner, Lady was part of their family until she crossed the bridge in May 1991. The Leenerts’ were devastated. A few months later they wandered into a pet supply store and immediately saw greyhounds everywhere. A newly formed Greyhounds Unlimited (The Greyhound Rescue Society of Texas, Inc) was having a Meet & Greet. Pat and Bill had not heard of greyhound rescues to that point. They were introduced to a 3 month old female spit-fire of a pup they came to name Cheetarah (nickname Tar-a). Because of Lady, then Tara…Pat and Bill’s lives have never been the same as Lady and Tara were followed by more greyhounds: Nemo, Fuzzy, Win, Jack and Suzie (so far!!). Pat and Bill have also been a volunteer caregiver family for many greyhounds. Pat has been at the early stages of several greyhound groups. She now has felt the call to lead Kentucky Greyhound Placement. Pat and Bill share their home with Suzie (Sunbeam Susie), who turned 8 in Jan 2017 and with Jack (Hilo Jack), who turned 11 in July 2016. The two hounds were at the same volunteer caregiver home and adopted together in March 2011.

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Secretary - Lindsay Frost

Greyhound Adoption Louisville KYLindsay Frost, Secretary. Lindsay’s prior life included horses. We are happy that she found greyhounds too. Lindsay shares her home with Ron, (JA’s Cool Ron). Ron turned 12 in Aug 2016. Lindsay and Ron share their home with Dillon, one of our greyhound cat testers. When groups give information about greyhounds we speak in generalities. Generally speaking, Ron is not a typical greyhound ( for one thing he barks). He is well loved by a patient Lindsay. Ron gives his love back to her. 

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Treasurer - Michelle Patton

Greyhound Adoption Louisville KYMichelle Patton, Treasurer. Michelle is a life-long dog lover who was raised in a cat-family.  Michelle got her first dog - a greyhound - in April 2011.  Bella (formerly Cruising Cruella) turned 11 in April 2017. Bella is an amazing Meet & Greet hound who has never met a stranger.  If Bella sees someone with an empty hand, it won't be empty for long.  She knows her head will fit perfectly and is not a bit shy in asking for attention.  Michelle & Bella share their home with another of our cat-tester cats, an orange tabby named Cheeto.

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