Shamrock Greyhound Placement

If you were redirected to Kentucky Greyhound Placement - here is why:
In the beginning of 2016 it became more obvious that the existence of Shamrock Greyhound Placement (SGP) was diminishing as evidenced by less activity and no additional Greyhounds coming into the program. Four SGP volunteers discovered that 3 SGP Greyhounds remained in foster care and dedicated themselves to finding homes for these hounds. These 4 volunteers placed 2 of those Greyhounds and another Grey that “bounced” (bounce is a previously adopted Grey that was returned to SGP) within a few months of discovering the foster dogs. The other SGP foster developed cancer and passed away with his foster family loving him as much as if they were his own family (and in his eyes and theirs…they were family). In addition, 4 Lurchers were in need of home and these 4 volunteers facilitated  in getting them where they needed to be so they could be placed in loving homes.
Having the brief taste of running an organization three of the 4 volunteers began forming the idea to keep helping Greyhounds by taking on stronger leadership roles. It was agreed, by all parties, that starting a new group would be better than continuing SGP. The final pages of the story of Shamrock Greyhound Placement may be written, but is not ours to tell. But we can tell you that the success of SGP is in the numbers. shows 606 Greyhounds found homes thru SGP. The actual numbers are much larger as SGP helped many dogs who would not be on the Greyhound-data website. The SGP legacy will be a large part of many people who adopted Greyhounds, Lurchers and other dogs as well as those who attended SGP activities including the annual Greyhound Festival of the Bluegrass.
KyG hopes that you will continue to support placement of Greyhounds. Obviously we hope that you will want to be a part of Kentucky Greyhound Placement. Your desire to help Greyhounds does not need to be defined by a specific group. All are welcome at the monthly Greyt Grub Gathers at (usually) locally owned restaurants, sometimes we are able to bring our Greyhounds if we sit on the patio. KyG is planning our first (hopefully to become annual) large fund raiser, Greyt Greyhound Gathering on July 22. We hope you want to attend and support. Check out the KyGreyhounds FB page, the KyGreyhounds FB group page as well as our website for more information on our activities and for the agenda of the Greyt Greyhound Gathering once it becomes final. KyG can be found on Twitter: Greyhounds4you. Links to FB and Twitter can be found on the KyG website.
Contact us if you would like a KyG tag with the KyG phone number 502-536-7594 to replace your SGP tag as the SGP phone number is no longer valid. This is the business number and lost dog reporting number. We are building a network to help with lost dogs, let us know if you are interested in being on the list.
Also, if you would like to email KyGreyhounds with a photo and a brief story of your hound, including age (birth date), description, living or passed (date of passing)...we will add you to our list of Greyhounds. Also tell us the adoption group as we have a way to mark that too.
Please continue to help Greyhounds and it would be appreciated if you choose to help, at least sometimes, through KyGreyhounds. Thank you in advance.
Ultimately...please remember...It's for the Hounds!