Kentucky Greyhound Placement

Kentucky Greyhound Placement, a 501(c)(3) founded in Sept 2016, is also known as KyG or KyGreyhounds.
Our focus is to rehome retired racing Greyhounds, as well as any displaced Greyhound, into forever loving and responsible homes by practicing the Right Hound, Right Home philosophy.
Volunteer caregivers offer their personal residence and the time of themselves and their families to give the KyGreyhounds the real life experiences to acclimate from track life to a home environment prior to their adoption. This means KyG heavily relies on volunteers willing to open their homes and their families’ lives to the rewarding experience of a foster dog.
KyG's hope is to foster all Greyhounds, even for a short time, prior to adoption. KyG will work with a previous Greyhound owner who may want to accept a Greyhound without the foster period. The use of a boarding kennel could be necessary if needed to cover a volunteer caregivers vacation or if KyG was to get a hound un-expectantly and only until a volunteer caregiver became available.
KyG successfully held a major fund raiser within our first year. Success was measuredy by the greyt vendors, the greyt attendees and KyG managed to break slightly better than even (whew!). An air conditioned venue was also a key to the success of a July event in Kentucky!! The annual fund raisier, Greyt Fest, will be held on the weekend closest to July 22 each year. Attendees and vendors were excited to again have a festival type event in this region. Vendors and attendees represented these 10 states: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and, of course, Kentucky. KyG has already learned of more folks that plan to attend future Greyt Fests. Help KyG get the word out, the more successful the event, the more funds to help more greyhounds. 
Kentucky Greyhound Placement covers the triangle loosely including Louisville, KY (also southern Indiana), Lexington, KY and Covington, KY and the surrounding Kentucky counties. If we cannot serve your needs we will help you find another organization.