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Get your applications in so that we can get your home visits approved. Then you can be ready to adopt from our next group of hounds to come to KyG.



Judy needs you need Judy? The unconditional love of a canine is one that cannot be explained or compared. I think that relationship is even stronger when that canine is a Greyhound. It is time for Judy to know that special bond from her forever home. Are you the one to give that chance to her? The adoption application can be found under Greyt Info or clicking here: Adoption Application

All the worry has been for naught. *** It has been a true roller coaster ride with concerns with LEE JUDY's teeth. Judy's surgery was Dec 27, 2018. Her follow-up appointment was January 19 and the prognosis is better than we thought possible. The vet indicated that Stomatitis is not present in Judy's mouth. Her gums are pink and the healing is going well, which would not be the case if she truly had CUPS (Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis) as was originally diagnosed. This means that her remaining teeth should be saved - only 7 have been pulled.

KyGreyhounds appreciates those who have donated to help this sweet, former brood mom receive the dental care she needs to live a happy and painfree life. She is on that road now. The antibiotics and prednisone have helped and the removal of the worse teeth and the elimination of inflammation and infection has given back her spunk. Her meds will slowly be decrease. This former brood mom has had some health issues. She came to KyG with a neck injury and that seems to be resolved. Then the scare of the teeth. 

Can you give Judy the love and care she needs? Judy loves the poultry flavored toothpaste and is a willing participant in this daily activity. She is a BIG FAN of peanut butter and easily gulps down her daily meds. Medicine frequency will continue to be reduced as she continues to respond well. You know, all humans and other mammals should have their teeth brushed at least daily.

Any funds raised beyond Judy's needs will be used to help other greyhounds find their forever homes. We know that time is coming with the closing of the Florida tracks as well as the other hounds across the country that also still need homes.

The "Donate Now" pawprint can lead you to make donations through our PayPal account using for the email, checks acan be mailed to and visit our Facebook page - KyGreyhounds or our group KyGreyhounds Friends for more information. 



GREYT FEST 2019! the fun continues

Save the Date: July 19 - 20, 2019

You all made it so much fun, we are doing it again! Now we can truly say the KyG Greyt Fest is an annual event. We learned a lot from our inaugural Greyt Fest in 2017. Thank you for your patience. 

In addition to the hounds, and people, from TX, MO, IL, IN, OH, WV, NC, SC, TN and of course KY, we added Wisconsin in 2018. Whether you were a guest, vendors or volunteers a big THANK YOU to ALL of you. It was greyt seeing old friends and making new ones. It has been a while since a festival event was held in this area and the smiles on peoples faces showed it was greyt fun. Please help us to spread the word. Some seemed to find out a little too late last year.


For 2019; the tentative plans are: 

  • GREYT FEST - main event, Saturday, July 20, 2019 10 am - 5 pm
  • Pre-event concert Friday, July 19th 7 - 10 pm
  • (vendors not available on Friday evening)
  • It's for the hounds!
  • July 20, 2019, Shelbyville, KY
  • Shelby County Fairgrounds – 20 minutes east of Louisville
  •  Details will be on the Greyt Fest Tab
  • Read More about the 2017 event as an example of what to expect
  • Questions? Email