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Plan now for July 18, 2020 - Our 4th year is still scheduled, but as a VIRTUAL event.

We are hoping to be able to present a virtual event experience and could use help if you have experience in this area. More info to come as this becomes finalized.

Check out the Greyt Fest 2020 Info page for more information.

The impact of Covid-19 has forced us to make KyG's 4th Annual Greyt Fest to be VIRTUAL

We will miss seeing all the hounds and humans who have honored us from IL, IN, MO, NC, NY, OH, SC, TN, TX,  WI, WV, and of course KY. It is greyt seeing old friends and making new ones. But for 2020 it will need to be VIRTUAL. As we update with more information, please help us to spread the word of the Virtual Greyt Fest. 


Your living room welcomes you to the 

4th annual GREYT FEST 

A virtual event is schedule for July 18, 9 am - 6 pm EDT. to get more info click Greyt Fest 2020 Info.



    Get your applications in so that we can get your home visits in the queue once the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. Then you can be ready to adopt from our most recent group of hounds to come to KyG. Please check the available hounds for more information. Also check out our Facebook page (link on the left for KyGreyhounds page or KyGreyhound Friends group).


    Do you want to be a foster parent or a permanent parent to a retired racing greyhound? The adoption application can be found under Greyt Info or clicking here: Adoption Application 

    We know that time is coming with the closing of the Florida tracks as well as the other hounds across the country that also still need homes. Fewer greyhounds are available at the moment. The expected "phase out" period regulators expected is not happening. What this means... fewer greyhounds available for adoption now... and nearing Dec. 2020 thousands are expected. Southland Greyhound track in West Memphis Arkansas has announced the end of live greyhound racing be concluded by end of 2022.

    We use the same criteria whether you want to foster or adopt, in case you decide you want to adopt your foster. We appreciate our foster families and need more to help more hounds find homes. We have prior foster families that are willing to discuss the joys of fostering: teaching a track dog "regular" life, meeting new people, basic commands, and yes the rewards (and sadness) of knowing a job well done when it is time for the greyhound to go to their permanent home. KyG has lost confirmed opportunities to bring more greyhounds in... because of lack of foster homes. Some did it for your hound... can't you do it for another? 

    If you cannot find the time and room in your home please consider making a donation. The "Donate Now" paw print can lead you to make donations through our PayPal account using for the email, checks can be mailed too. Visit our Facebook page - KyGreyhounds or our group KyGreyhounds Friends for more information. Do not be confused with the PayPal path as Kentucky Greyhounds Placement is a dba of Pet Action Leauge. All donations go to support greyhounds in their quest for homes. Thank you. It's for the hounds!